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    Crystalyx Supplements

      "Quality doesn't cost, it pays." The old adage still rings true today - especially when you compare CRYSTALYX low-moisture tubs with the seemingly less expensive upfront costs of other supplement options. Important benefits of using Crystalyx Low Moisture Tubs include:
      • Easy to store and handle - requiring minimal labor and no special equipment.
      • Easily accessible to Horses with consistent, self-limiting consumption.
      • Windproof, waterproof and waste-proof - won't blow away, get trampled or deteriorate in inclement weather conditions.
      • As with other supplements, low-moisture blocks and tubs can vary in cost, ingredient composition, nutrient content, storage requirements and consumption characteristics.

      CRYSTALYX Tubs Are All About Consistency and Intake:
      • The CRYSTALYX manufacturing process provides product consistency and intake quality - your Horses consume the same amount - from tub to tub.
      • The naturally self-limiting formula pulls moisture from the air to soften the layers at the top of the tub. When Horses consume it, only so much can be softened for them to eat.
      • Because of their manufacturing process, other low-moisture blocks and Tubs contain more moisture, which allows Horses to consume it at a faster rate.
      • Suddenly that "cheaper" option ends up costing you much more.
    Crystalyx Goat-lyx is an 18% all-natural protein supplement that is specifically fortified for goats. It is formulated to provide the added nutrition for enhancing forage utilization and production measures for growth, lactation, reproduction and health.

    Read Nutritional Information & Feeding Instructions:Click Here

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