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    Poultry Supplements
    Coastal Oyster Shells

    Coastal Oyster Shells are an excellent source of soluble calcium for laying hens. Oyster shells should be fed free choice with plenty of fresh water nearby.

    About Using Insoluble Grit

    Birds rush feed through their digestive tracts, keeping it only 1/2 to 12
    minutes in the gizzard; the proper sizes of Gran-I-Grit in the gizzard grind
    feed particles so small that the bird's digestive juices can quickly act on
    every bit of valuable protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins
    locked within the feed particles, converting them into a form for absorption
    into the blood stream where they aid growth and egg production; the rough
    and tough surfaces of Gran-I-Grit also enable the gizzard to cut up shavings, feathers and other fibrous materials that can clog up the digestive tract.
    GRAN-I-GRIT - Starter

    Starter Size GRAN-I-GRIT is an insoluble grit recommended for baby chicks and poults.

    Feed GRAN-I-GRIT as a free choice supplement to Chicks and Broilers
    GRAN-I-GRIT - Grower

    Grower Size GRAN-I-GRIT is an insoluble grit recommended to be fed as a free choice supplement for Broilers and developing Poults.
    GRAN-I-GRIT - Developer/Layer

    Developer/Layer Size GRAN-I-GRIT is recommended for Poults and Laying Hens as a free choice supplement.

    GRAN-I-GRIT - Turkey

    Turkey Size GRAN-I-GRIT is slightly coarser than GRAN-I-GRIT for chickens and is recommended for developing and mature Turkeys as a free choice supplement.
    Scratch Grain A blend of grains....
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